Autumn Brings Us Adorable Foliage To Experience

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

Indeed, the Autumn foliage is an spectacle on its own.

Today is the first day of Fall Season. Almost everywhere, you are seeing the beautiful sceneries of transforming colors of the foliage.

It will be another adventure for an autumn-driving during the weekends to appreciate the colorful trees around us during the season.


I am looking forward to the cooler temperature of Autumn. Folks, get ready with your sweaters for the season, get warm while the temperature is cooling down. For sure I will enjoy the climate and the amenities that it brings.

Why don’t you share us your 2016 Fall Season photos and experiences; and then we will feature them at ReloNavigator’s Newsletter. Will look forward of hearing from you.

Let’s enjoy the Fall Season Everyone.

With Peace Internationally Makes Everyone Experience Love

Pete Earthlé, IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

Today,  we participate inclusively across international borders in celebrating the bond of peace among all citizens of every nation.


“I believe that at this moment we all face a choice, we choose to press forward with a better model of cooperation and integration, or we can retreat into a world of sharply divided and ultimately in conflict along age-old lines of nations and tribe and race and religion. I want to suggest to you today that we must go forward and not back”

Photo credit: Reuters

“I believe that as imperfect as they are, the principles of open markets and accountable governance, of democracy and human rights and international law that we have forged remain the firmest foundation for human progress in this century.  I make this argument not based on theory or ideology, but on facts — facts that all too often, we forget in the immediacy of current events.”  – President Obama, 71st Session of UN General Assembly, Sept 20, 2016

#RealLeader Determines the Relevance and Impact for a Long Term Progress

By Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist


Pride of America and the World – #WeAreWithHer

By Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist


#StrongerTogether #AfricanAmerican #VotoLatino #VoteDems42017Congress #RemoveObstructionism #Latism #USLatino #TNTweeters #MilitaryFamilies #Veterans #MillennialsPower4CK #AdvanceEquality

“Am I daft?” “No, because I know of many benefits of doing it!”

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

NASA just released their most recent findings pertaining to the impact of #climatechange; and it is very realistic. Last month was indeed very hot. Even friends across the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean were telling me that it was extraordinarily hot in their own locations as well.

According to NASA’s scientists at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies based in New York, August 2016 is hottest in 136 years. “We stress that the long-term trends are the most important for understanding the ongoing changes that are affecting our planet.” – said GISS Director Gavin Schmidt

The image below illustrates the ‘bell-curve graphics’ provided by NASA.


To read the full text of NASA’s findings, please click on “GIS Temp Update” 

What’s going on in our planet Earth?

#Globalwarming is impacting us all. Published studies and ‘raw data-experiential reports’ were describing and illustrating unprecedented heat levels across regions around the globe. But the most embarrassing of it all is that many among our politicians are deniers about this fact. Their politics is placed ahead of the heat-waves that their constituencies were experiencing.

In my neighborhood, homes were built based on a cooler climate across four seasons. This Summer, more and more homes have installed air-conditioning units and they were running almost day in day out. That tells you how the temperatures during Summer has been affecting families in their own homes. What about those that cannot afford air-conditioning units? What will they do?

“It has been a record year so far for global temperatures, but the record high temperatures in the Arctic over the past six months have been even more extreme, this warmth as well as unusual weather patterns have led to the record low sea ice extents so far this year.” – said Walt Meier, a sea ice scientist at NASA Goddard.

What can individuals do to curb the increasing heat around them?

This Summer, it was great experiencing natural breeze of the wind, when you have trees around your home; cooling off under the trees during those high temperatures was helpful; the breeze was lovely.  When there were no breeze, the air-conditioning unit was the most convenient. Neighbors without air-conditioning units go to the nearest mall for a stroll or have snacks. Then go home when the temperature has gone down. For people who work, their employers provide a conducive air-conditioned work environment unless you are in construction.

Strategically for a long term adjustments of the #ClimateChange it would be ideal to plant a tree around you. When you find a space around your property, it will be a good investment of planting a tree that will provide some shade and other ecological benefits notwithstanding of their beautiful appearance.

A Tree Planting Challenge for Everyone:

Find a space around you, where you can plant a tree. Talk to friends and perhaps you can work together for a tree planting project at locations that are needing trees. Perhaps, there are areas within your communities that are needing some trees. Regardless of where you are located internationally, what matters is you can help in planting trees that will create a better environment around everyone. Trees provide many benefits beyond our expectations.

Last Spring, I planted a new tree at available space in our lot (see image below). This is the second year that I planted a tree. It looks great and survived the hot Summer. It will provide some substances that our planet needs to sustain a cooler temperature. It is only one tree that was planted last Spring, however when there will be more of us who will plant a tree once a year. We will be able to create a more balanced ecology for our own advantage in this earth.


Tips in planting trees around your home:

When planting trees around your backyard or around your home, consider the aesthetic impact of the tree.  Plant something that will go with your current garden theme to maximize its benefits.  Consider the impact of the tree height when you are living in a neighborhood with HOA  (Home Owners Association) restrictions. For long term investment, follow the best practices in planting a tree so it will not die after few weeks. Planting a tree is your investment for the future that you will personally share with the world. Enjoy.

Are There Options? Balancing the ‘Ecosystem of the Planet Earth’

By Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist and Pete Earthlé, IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

In the Twenty-first Century, it is quite unbelievable seeing so called ‘new studies’ that come and go as fast as the social media churns out fact-based and or fictionally-biased information. Often, you will see newly labelled studies or new phenomena, suggesting new remedial options. These suggested new concepts and options are actually been told many times two or three decades ago. But perhaps some writers were not born yet during those periods.

In fact, reforestation an agro-forestry technique in preserving the natural wilderness of the planet earth have been practiced by many responsible individuals, groups and organizations who care about preserving the quality of our environment and balancing ecosystem. In many countries around the world, deforestation became prevalent due to lumber and logging practices and these have created imbalances of our ecosystems. Floods and erosion came and destructed communities as results of these man-made activities. Often, you hear focused-interest-groups, scientists and or elected individuals that do not acknowledge the links of both facts.

Today, from season to season we are seeing real-life results of mankind’s irresponsible abuse of the planet earth. The effects of ‘global warming’ like the fast changing climactic realities such as abnormal heatwaves or colder temperatures, coastal flooding that destroyed neighborhoods, droughts that caused firestorms including landslides and earthquakes (note: all link sources are acknowledged).


This is a new development. “The researchers found that only about 23 percent of the land across the globe can be labeled “wilderness” today — nearly a 10 percent drop from two decades ago. And those areas are concentrated mainly in North America, North Asia, North Africa, and Australia.” (source credit:

What this means?

The article confirmed that we are losing fast the wilderness that is a sanctuary of ecological balance. Mankind are not protecting trees and wild life in the forest. It pointed the continental locations of the affected areas. Ironically, those same places were experiencing frequent ‘global warming phenomena’ in the last five years.

Can we do something about it? How?

Yes, we can do some strategic contribution. Every individual can plant a tree anywhere possible every time convenient. This action will somehow help in augmenting the lost force of wilderness in the last two decades. Stop cutting trees around your neighborhood. Discuss about the advantages of preserving trees around people and within the environment. Trimming their crowns is OK because you are not cutting them down. When a big tree is being cut down due to its age and risks, do replace it with a young one that will grow and provide the lost substance from the old tree. So let’s start planting trees around us. ‘Till next time.

Saint Teresa of Kolkata then “Mother Teresa the Living Saint”

By Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

“to follow Christ into the slums to serve him among the poorest of the poor” – Mother Teresa

Sunday morning during the Papal Mass at the Saint Peter Square, Pope Francis declared Mother Teresa as the Saint Teresa of Kolkata.

@_2016 2016 _SaintMotherTeresa

“For the honour of the Blessed Trinity, the exaltation of the Catholic faith and the increase of the Christian life, by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and our own, after due deliberation and frequent prayer for divine assistance, and having sought the counsel of many of our brother Bishops, we declare and define Blessed Teresa of Calcutta to be a Saint,” – Pope Francis, Sept 4, 2016, St. Peter Square, Vatican

Brief Backgrounder about Saint Teresa of Kolkata:

Born to Albanian parents in what is now Skopje, Macedonia (then part of the Ottoman Empire), Gonxha (Agnes) Bojaxhiu was the youngest of the three children who survived. For a time, the family lived comfortably, and her father’s construction business thrived. But life changed overnight following his unexpected death.

During her years in public school Agnes participated in a Catholic sodality and showed a strong interest in the foreign missions. At age 18 she entered the Loreto Sisters of Dublin. It was 1928 when she said goodbye to her mother for the final time and made her way to a new land and a new life. The following year she was sent to the Loreto novitiate in Darjeeling, India. There she chose the name Teresa and prepared for a life of service. She was assigned to a high school for girls in Kolkata, where she taught history and geography to the daughters of the wealthy. But she could not escape the realities around her—the poverty, the suffering, the overwhelming numbers of destitute people.

In 1946, She returned to Kolkata, where she lived in the slums and opened a school for poor children. Dressed in a white sari and sandals (the ordinary dress of an Indian woman) she soon began getting to know her neighbors—especially the poor and sick—and getting to know their needs through visits.

For the next four decades Mother Teresa worked tirelessly on behalf of the poor. Her love knew no bounds. Nor did her energy, as she crisscrossed the globe pleading for support and inviting others to see the face of Jesus in the poorest of the poor. In 1979 she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. On September 5, 1997, God called her home.(source:

Saint Teresa of Kolkata was Canonized to become a Saint by Pope Francis at the Saint Peter Square early Sunday, Vatican time.

As an Individual, Do I Really Need To Care?

Pete Earthlé, IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

Across social media, at first glance of numerous tweets illustrate personal irresponsibility. Why do people allow themselves to be an accessory of someone else?

Regardless of our own personal circumstances, we are in the twenty-first century with advanced knowledge and experiences of so many things. Why not moving forward to promote integrity, civility, common sense, respect, and greater love with humanity? The whole world will become more at peace when we do our personal action in this regard.

@_2016 ActionExhibited2Ideology

Today, as we close the month of August 2016, it will be another moment to express our continuous gratitude of your engagements across our social media platforms. We enjoy hearing and learning about valuable insights, tweets and shares. Let’s keep going.

@_2016 2016AppreciativeEngagements

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Being Indispensable is the Result of Critical Thinking with True Leadership

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

When leadership reclaims its role within any type and size of organization, one thing that illustrates effectiveness is being critical on every direction. This is because results justify those means.

@_2016 2016Acritical judgment

Most individuals failed because of paying attention to impertinent thinking that creates confusion. Making decisions based on relevance and what matters most instead.

_2015 Leadershipwithoutdiscimination


Are you having fun? Summer is here to enjoy!

By Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

“Temperature was blasting mid 80’s in the last couple of days. Today, it was hotter  … “the real Summer weather is on”

The weekend will be hot as well but it will be great to enjoy before the Fall Season will start crippling in. That will not be too far away folks. So enjoy the weather while it will last.

Have you been experimenting with your cocktails or mixing your favorite ones? We’re visiting our friend and yeah! the cocktails that J made was phenomenal. Sharing you the recipe with permission.

Cocktail WSM Quencher

How many BBQs have you done so far?


@2016 EarlyFunSummer

Summer is always fun to enjoy like the lovely “MultiSunnies” in our garden.

Tobita MultiSunnies16_640

The Week Was Boring Without You – “Thank You”

By Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Its been a great week and we cannot leave the weekend without telling you our “Appreciation”.

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@IdeasN PopularinyourNW FriMeansTY

What’s Going On America? “This is not the America that I knew”

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

@_2016 America_WhereIstheDirection


Are You One of Them? Achievers Are Those Who Challenged Opportunities

Pete Earthlé, IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

_2015 allow explore_honest appreciation

_2015 achievers_Influencers results

_2015 Leadershipwithoutdiscimination

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This Friday Means “Thank You to @twitter for Featuring Us at “Popular in your network”

By Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Happy Friday to All!

It is the First Friday of August 2016,  ReloNavigator wishes to thank “Popular in your network” of @Twitter for their continuing support and features about our tweets across platforms.

Your features were appreciated very much. And looking forward to more sharing about us to your #CircleofInfluence

@twitter’s Popular in your network is a daily tweet that contains few picks from the tweets of individuals that provide significance within the network; and they share those ‘picks’ to their #circleofinfluence.

We are privileged to have been picked numerous times at a continuing basis. Thank You @twitter.

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What are the reasons why our tweets have been picked regularly? The answer is simple and found in the image below;

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Celebrating Vancouver Pride 2016 with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

By Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

Happy Pride 2016 to All Vancouverites

JustinTrudeau PrideFlag ParliamentHill_CA

Last June 1, 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raised the Pride Flag in Parliament Hill.

@_2016 _2016BetterTogether


Vancouverites of British Columbia, Canada will celebrate their Pride 2016 this weekend. The Pride Parade will take place tomorrow, July 31, 2016. Wishing Everyone with fantastic Pride celebration. Please click on the link “Vancouver Pride Society” to learn more logistical disruptions when you go to Vancouver tomorrow.

The Canadian Prime Minister, Honorable Justin Trudeau will be marching with everyone during the 2016 Pride Parade.



Enjoy and have fun. Be Safe always.

I Am Looking Forward to a New Learning Next Week :-)

By Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

@_2016 2016AheadFunWeek

Have you thought of learning something new for next week? Perhaps pick a book or a magazine of your interest and plan to browse some informative pages of it.

@2016 2016directions_newpotentials


What Are We Missing? Real Global Actions Are Needed! Not Prayers and Thoughts Only: The Facts Need Action

By Jalenn Turre, Marketing, Business & Social Media Strategist

What are we missing in these tragedies? And what actions that can be done by our governments, public officials and citizens protectors? What is our individual responsibility to help in curbing these tragedies?

We need Actions that will stop the continuing destruction of humanity! Where do we go from here?

So many killings have taken place; lives of innocent adults and children were sacrificed. The following are just few reminders of what we have experienced. So many more tragedies took place beforehand.

@_2016 2016HateIsNotLGBT_MourningOrlando

@2016 BrussellsAttack

2015 CA In Memoriam San Bernardino Massacre


GermanWings Prayers

Je Suis Charlie_Relo

Leading in a fast-moving world Queen Elizabeth II Offers

Pete Earthlé, IdeasNConversations @IdeasN

In a recent Royal Opening of the Scottish Parliament, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II shared her insight on Leadership of the 21st Century. Take a look!

@_2016 Elizabeth_Queen Leadership

For a 90 years old Monarch, she demonstrates deep understanding about the complexities and challenges of this world that we are living.

In 2002, during her 50th Anniversary on the Throne, she offered a lasting leadership insight about ‘Change’; she said;

@_2016 Elizabeth_Queen Change

More power to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Seven Lives Were Lost in American Tragedies – “Lets promote Harmony, Love and Peace Everywhere”

By: Juntee Terrenal, GMS, Strategic International Business Leader, Adviser & Coach

@2016 TragediesWeek1July2016


Why Twitter was talking about our tweets?

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The reasons why @twitter’s ‘Popular in your network’ was featuring us because we got the right #content to be shared as illustrated in the following image. Thank you Twitter.

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Take a look at what were shared to the twitter sphere yesterday. To read the complete published article, please click on the image below.

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